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ARTG has a large collection of towels in many colors and sizes. This collection

was developed by us and produced in Turkey. Because we have very short lines

with the factory we can continue to guarantee our quality.


How is an ARTG towel created?

First of all, we decided that we only care for good quality

want to go so that you can enjoy your towel for years to come.

As a result, it was decided to produce in Turkey. Also we have

chose to make a nice thick towel. Use for this

we use 500 grams of cotton per square meter. Because we have not opted for a woven edge, this results in a wonderfully thick towel.


The cotton we use is Turkish cotton. This cotton is known for its very high quality. The quality of the cotton is determined, among other things, by the length of the fiber. The longer the fiber, the firmer the thread becomes. In addition, it also has to do with

the absorbent capacity of the cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture with the side of the fiber, in short, the longer the fiber, the better moisture is absorbed by the



After the cotton is thoroughly cleaned in the factory, threads are spun.

This is quite a process, which happens in the spinning mill. Several wires are put together

woven until a strong thread is spun.


Now a choice has to be made. Do the spools of yarn go to the weaving mill or to

the dye house ... That choice depends on the towel that ultimately has to be made.

If it is a towel that should be of different colors, then they will

first the yarns / threads must be dyed. This process is called "yarndied".

Will the final towel be 1 color? Then the yarns go to the weaving mill ...


The towels are woven in the weaving mill. The size of the towel must of course be determined in advance . Towels are directly woven in the correct size , with cut edges between the towels and any borders and / or end borders on the

right place. The large rolls of woven fabric are transported to the dye house after an initial check.


Dyeing the fabrics is quite a process. All towels are still together so the patches of woven terry cloth are huge! Dyeing is done by weight. Different "pots" are available for this, depending on the weight. How long it takes to dye the fabric depends on the final color to be made. Light colors need many hours less time than, for example, black. This is also the reason that dark colors are more expensive than light colored towels.


After dyeing, the towels are further processed, they are stretched and they go through a large drying tunnel. Because they are processed at hot temperatures, they are immediately "pre-shrunk". This will prevent them from shrinking when you eventually wash them at home.


After the drying tunnel, the towels are cut loose from each other. In the length this is done automatically and they are stitched evenly, in the width this is done by hand. The short sides of the towels are stitched by hand and provided with a hanging loop.


Finally, the towels are folded and packed. Then you have to wait for the transport to the Netherlands and we hope that it ends up in your bathroom as soon as possible. There you can enjoy the luxurious feeling of a thick, brightly colored towel for years to come ...