Hammam towels

ARTG has a large collection of towels in many colors and sizes. This collection has been developed by us and is produced in Turkey. Because we have very short lines with the factory, we can continue to guarantee our quality.


ARTG is very aware of our role in the 'textile' chain.

That is why we work together with a relatively small one

factory in a small village in Turkey. Bypass this

we are the big 'production houses' in the Istanbul region.

On previous visits we noticed that these manufacturers are

there adhere to other standards.

Not only in terms of quality, raw materials and

the use of textile paint but also in the field of

Working Conditions,

ARTG's HammamzTM are produced in one

selected factory in a typical rural village.

Manufacture is still done on weaving machines from years ago

with traditional weaving cards and the ends of the hammam cloths are manual

knotted. The use of traditional weaving machines ensures that no jobs are lost.


Computer-controlled weaving machines would have a major impact on the village. The entire village benefits from the work of this factory. For example, the management has determined that ALL employees MANDATORY eat hot food in a separate large dining room with its own kitchen.

The complete range of Hammamz is always made of 100% Turkish cotton, without adding different ones polymers, increasing the absorbency and ease of use is guaranteed.


Hammamz, as Hamam towels are intended ...