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ARTG has a great collection of bathrobes in many colors and sizes. This collection has been developed by us and is produced in Turkey. Because we have very short lines with the factory, we can continue to guarantee our quality.


What about our bathrobes?

First of all, we decided that we only want to go for good quality, so that you can enjoy your bathrobe for years to come. As a result, it was decided to produce in Turkey. We were also the first to choose to make a nice thick bathrobe. For this we use 400 grams of cotton per square meter. This is more than enough for a bathrobe, it must still be portable!


We still have some problems with the sizes in the beginning

had. Dutch men are often taller so we have

our bathrobes adapted accordingly. The sleeve length is longer,

but also the length of the bathrobe. Even have the cover

we thought that the bathrobe has turned out a bit large.

Everyone had to get used to this but now they are standing

our bathrobes are known in the market for this very reason!


Following on from the bathrobe with the shawl collar, the bathrobe with a hood soon followed. It is very popular in swimming pools, water sports and even in the sauna. We started with a few colors, but this series also started to expand quickly ...


Children's and baby bathrobes could of course not be left behind either. We started with the development of a kimono robe for babies. Nice colors that were quickly found by our customers. Bathrobes with hoods soon followed. Great for children at the pool or after the shower and super fun for us to combine and play with all the fresh colors we have.


In 2018 our collection has been expanded with the waffle bathrobes.

These bathrobes are woven in a completely different way

creating a waffle motif. Less warm in the

summer and wonderfully light to wear at home or in the sauna.

Available with hood and in various colors.


All our bathrobes are Unisex and so for ladies and

gentlemen to wear ...