Who are we?

ARTG (A&R Textile Group B.V.) was founded in 2009 after requests from the Middle East, or us

could provide high quality towels and bathrobes for the hotel industry.


The company has now grown tremendously. Where we started in the Middle East with selling towels to hotels, it quickly went to Europe.

A first warehouse was bought and a towel line was developed in 13 colors. Both a 350 and 500 gram series came into stock in our warehouse close to Rotterdam. Bathrobes in the same 13 colors were also produced. We have chosen to make bathrobes in 6 different sizes in contrast to the "One Size Fits All" system, which is often used. No one is the same, so different sizes are needed.

Our size is much larger, so that the bathrobe also closes when you are sitting on a chair. The sleeves are also longer than usual.


Stock keeping
After a few months the warehouse became too small and we bought a second warehouse. Here we were able to make a clear distinction in our large stocks. Many items have been added over the years, including golf towels in 16 colors and a complete baby line with bibs, burp cloths, baby capes and bathrobes. The 500 gram towel series has also been expanded from 13 to 21 colors and the Big Towel has been added to our range. A beach towel of 100 x 210 cm that also fits over the massage table.


Distribution in Europe
ARTG now supplies a large number of countries within Europe.

In many countries we work with agents / wholesalers who offer our products to their customers.


A major relocation took place in the fall of 2016. The now 3 warehouses have been exchanged for 1 large warehouse. Here we can continue to grow and ensure that we have sufficient stocks to immediately meet all demand.


ARTG continues to develop and produce in order to meet our high quality requirements. We strictly control the factories, colors and working conditions. Child labor is not allowed. We do not work with subcontractors but only with certified companies.