Baby capes


Burp cloths

Jug bags

Length meters



ARTG has a large collection of towels in many colors and sizes. This collection has been developed by us and is produced in Turkey. Because we have very short lines with the factory, we can continue to guarantee our quality.

The BABIEZZ collection is getting bigger and bigger. Once started with bibs

and bathrobes but soon it got more and more. It's so much fun too

to design a baby collection!

Bibs was an issue in itself, we want them

with a string or with Velcro? In that case

both in the collection. A bib with sleeves at the front

the real mess pot was also added, because they are so

be handy .....

The baby capes have also undergone great growth. Started with a few colors but many

we now have possible color combinations

huge stocks. Super fun and for every baby

there is a suitable color combination ....

Burp cloths boring and only necessary? Not at ARTG!

We also made burp cloths in all ARTG colors. Most simply in white cotton with a colored edge, but in a number of colors we have completely colored the cloth. Look in the shop in which colors we have burp cloths ...

In addition to all standard products, the SUBLI-Me and PRINT-Me products also find their way into the baby collection. Nice texts, photos or whatever you come up with, at ARTG Babiezz anything is possible !!

Of course you want the best of the best for your baby . At ARTG, we meet all European requirements so that we can produce safely. We also think of the people who make your products. Child labor is absolutely not an issue at ARTG. We can guarantee this through our many inspections at the factories!