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ARTG has a large collection of towels in many colors and sizes. This collection has been developed by us and is produced in Turkey. Because we have very short lines with the factory, we can continue to guarantee our quality.

The how and what about Sublimation ...

The SUBLI-Me collection from ARTG is a very special collection. We started developing these products a few years ago. The big problem is the weaving of the polyester band into the towel. This band must be 100% polyester on the front of the product and 100% cotton on the back. This requires a special weaving technique which has taken a lot of development time.

We did it! ARTG supplies many colors of towels with the white ones

polyester strap that can be used for sublimation.

Sublimation is a clean printing technique that is booming. Bee

many of you already known on the t-shirts that have been in abundance for a few years now

are trade. Initially, a print is made on one

special printer. This can be a photo or a text, whatever the customer likes

want. Then this print is pressed onto the polyester band by means of a heat press. The heat creates gas molecules and these go around the polyester fiber. The image is very sharp and clear in color. Even after washing, this image remains colourfast.

Think for yourself what a creative possibilities this

offer on all kinds of products .....